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Who Are We?

Lowtree Studios is a place where podcast enthusiasts come for all of their podcast needs. We make it effortless for listeners to discover, connect and engage with quality podcasts, all in one place. 


Our Podcasts

Our podcasts offer listeners a break from life's daily grind. In a world full with negativity, we aspire to deliver content that informs and entertains.

Our Team


Mindy is a veteran podcaster and is the creative force behind The Jason & Mindy Podcast. She plays a vital role in the day to day operations of Lowtree Studios contributing greatly to podcast development, planning and scheduling.

Mindy Galbraith

Jason has been an active

part of music and audio production for over 20 years. With skills in audio and video editing, remote podcast recording, live podcast production and more, Jason is a staple in the podcast industry using his skills to create industry standard podcasts for Lowtree Studios. 

Jason Galbraith


Stephanie Modell

With a Bachelor’s Degree in communication from Cal State University Northridge, Stephanie Modell uses her skills to contribute greatly to the Lowtree Studios  content on The Difference Between Us Podcast. She is one of the top creators on the site, and her wit and charisma can be heard on a handful of Lowtree Studios Podcasts.

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