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Gutting The Sacred Cow

Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel are 2 standup comedians who are film snobs that invite fellow comedians and podcasters to select movies they find overrated or HATE.  But here's the catch: the film they select MUST meet 1 of 3 criteria: Financial success, widely beloved, or critically acclaimed.  Can the guest make a good enough argument that convinces both Kevins to agree that the guest has "gut the sacred cow?"

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Kevin Israel

Kevin Gootee

Kevin's entrance into the world of stand-up comedy began in March of 2010. His fans have described his comedy as “cerebral fraternity guy.” He’s not sure what that means, but he likes it.  Check out some of his other creations: Comics Watching Comics on Amazon Video.  Fantasy Football Jibber Jabber on Facebook and Youtube.  Lastly, he's a regular on MORNIN' on Compound Media as well as Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang on Sirius XM

Considered one of the top political operatives in New Jersey, Kevin left that life, and a lucrative position at a law firm, to pursue his one true passion – comedy. Now he tours the country regaling audiences with his decades of life experience. From stories of his mother, to relationships, to the reality of growing up the only Jewish kid in his school, when Kevin leaves the stage you won’t just feel that you’ve seen a great show, you’ll know you made a friend.

The Hosts

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Kevin Israel

Kevin Gootee


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